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Become a Math/Statistics Tutor

General Information

The Student Learning Center Math & Statistics Program offers the opportunity for students to make a valuable contribution to the UCB student community while developing practical teaching skills and exploring current issues and theoretical frameworks in education.

New tutors will tutor fellow Cal students in introductory Math and/or Statistics courses. Tutors assist students with developing their problem solving skills in these quantitative courses, and encourage them to work together to reach their academic goals. The format and number of hours of direct work with students varies according to the background of the tutor, the number of units taken (3 hrs/wk/unit) or requirements of the paid position, and is established by agreement with the Program Coordinator at the beginning of the semester.

Paid tutor or study group leader positions are available for the following classes:

  • Math 32   
  • Math 1AB  
  • Math 10AB   
  • Math 16AB   
  • Math 53/54/55
  • Stat 2
  • Stat 20
  • Stat 21
  • Stat 131
  • Stat 134  

Current UC Berkeley/UAW tutor payrates:

For those without a prior Bachelor's degree:

Individual Tutor: $14.11/hr
Group Tutor: $16.73/hr

For those with a prior Bachelor's degree:

Individual Tutor: $14.11/hr
Group Tutor: $17.50/hr

Field Studies for-credit (Ed.97/197 or Math 301) programs are also available.  

Please see the general SLC "Become a Tutor" page, as well as the Application materials, for more information.

Math and Statistics New Tutor Training Seminar Spring 2017:

Math and Statistics New Field Studies Tutor Training Seminar 

Thursday 9:30 AM - 11 AM 151  Chavez
Friday 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM 151 Chavez

Both sections begin the 2nd week of instruction. Contact Mike Wong ( for more information.


General SLC Application Information

Step 1: Completing the Application

* Applications are reviewed as they are received, and interviews are on-going. Most SLC tutoring programs begin by Week Three, with Tutor Orientations as early as the end of Week Two, so candidates are encouraged to submit their application materials by the second week of classes.  Some positions may still be filled after these dates; check with the specific discipline area Program Director for details.  Applications may be turned in at any point of the semester for consideration the following semester.

*  General applications and supplement(s), including any work samples requested, must be submitted together to the SLC Reception Counter (or e-mailed to the discipline coordinator(s) if applications are downloaded from the SLC website).  Applicants applying for more than one discipline area must submit a separate copy of the general application with each supplemental application submitted.  All applicants must submit a faculty/advisor recommendation; this recommendation, however, may be submitted after the rest of the application.

Step 2: Application Review

Discipline area Program Directors will review submitted applications and schedule interviews with applicants who satisfy the minimum requirements and who appear to meet the demands of the position (for paid positions), or who appear to possess sufficient preparation for Field Studies courses.  There is a separate interview and selection process for acceptance into Field Studies programs.

Step 3: Interviewing, Selection, and Notification

Candidates will be contacted by the discipline area Program Coordinators regarding the status of their application.  Those who are selected for interviews will be contacted by phone or e-mail to schedule their interview time.

Information Regarding Paid Positions and Credit Opportunities

Requirements and Restrictions:

      These requirements apply to all students conducting academic support within the Student Learning Center, whether paid, enrolled in credit opportunities, or participating as auditors: 

1.   Students must have received a grade of "B" or better in the course(s) they will tutor (or comparable courses) and should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

2.   Students cannot have more than two “Incomplete” grades.

3.   Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation).

4.   Students agree to abide by all University and SLC Policies.

Additional information specific to paid positions and credit/service opportunities is given below:

Tutoring for Pay:

      Each semester the SLC has a limited number of paid positions available, dependent on programmatic needs.  Paid positions are competitive, and successful candidates generally have relevant prior experience and/or training.  Employment is on a semester basis; possibility of re-hire is contingent upon satisfactory performance and SLC programmatic needs.  Tutors are paid for their attendance at all required Orientations and Training meetings.


      Students may not be employed by the University more than 50% time during the fall or spring semester in any combination of titles.  Students may work up to 100% time during the summer (from the end of spring semester to the beginning of the fall semester) and during the winter break

Tutoring for Credit and Auditors/Service Opportunities:    

      The SLC offers opportunities for students to explore current issues and theoretical frameworks in education while developing practical teaching skills and making a valuable contribution to the UCB student community.  Students accepted into SLC Field Studies/Pedagogy courses, whether enrolled for credit or participating non-credit, all engage in weekly seminars which introduce students to educational theory and pedagogy, explore current issues in the field and provide structured means for students to reflect upon and analyze their SLC tutoring or teaching experience. The format and number of hours of direct work with students varies according to the number of units taken (3 hrs/unit), and is established by agreement with the Program Coordinator at the time of admission into the course.  Those wishing to participate as Field Studies students without receiving credit participate fully in all aspects and requirements of the course.  Through the SLC’s arrangements with academic departments, we offer the following options for students:

•    Education 97/197 (Field Studies) Courses  (available for Math/Stat, Other Voices, Science, Social Sciences, Study Strategies & Writing)  This option is best for students who are completing or considering a Minor in Education.  Students with fewer than 60 units enroll in Education 97; upper-division students (60 or more units) enroll in Education 197. A total of 3 units satisfies the Field Studies requirement for the Education Minor.

•   Departmental 300-Series (Pedagogy) Courses (available for Math, Chemistry & Writing)   This option may be best for students intending to pursue teaching within their discipline.  

Supplemental Information for Mathematics and Statistics Program


Prerequisites to become a paid tutor:
¬    Paid tutors must have completed Math 1AB, and at least two of the following: Math 53, Math 54, Math 55, Stat 2/20/21, or Stat 134
¬    Tutors must be qualified to effectively tutor precalculus and 1st year calculus at the UC Berkeley level.
¬    Have earned B’s or better in your lower division math and/or stat classes.
¬    Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

In addition to the above prerequisites, applicants applying for a paid position as a tutor must have at least 1 semester of tutoring or teaching experience at the collegiate level. Applicants applying for a paid position as a study group leader will only be considered if they have had at least 1 semester of teaching experience at the collegiate level including a training component.  Note that paid tutor positions are highly competitive as we expect paid tutors to be able to effectively tutor at a high level from day one, both in terms of their mathematical content knowledge as well as their pedagogy and practice for teaching at a Tier 1 research university.

Tutor Responsibilities and Expectations:

¬   Hold weekly tutoring hours in the Drop-In tutoring program 

¬   Tutor effectively in our Drop-In tutoring environment, able to implement effective pedagogy and teaching practice at the UC Berkeley level.

¬   Keep up with the course materials for the class(es) that you are tutoring. If necessary the tutor should review the materials for any courses they are tutoring. Tutors will have access to written materials, experienced tutors, and staff.

Specific information for Applicants wanting to tutor for academic credit through the Field Studies Program:

¬   You can enroll in the tutor training course either through the Math department or the Education department. Math 301 is a 2-unit course. Ed197, which can be taken for 2 or 3 units, can be used toward satisfaction of the Education Minor.  This is a great way to learn about teaching in higher education, gain experience in the processes and practices of learning mathematics at a top university, and develop concrete tools and techniques in teaching.

¬    Field Studies tutors must have completed first year calculus and have completed or be currently taking Math 53, Math 54, Math 55, or Statistics at UC Berkeley.  Students who have completed the Math 10-series at UC Berkeley are also encouraged to apply for Field Studies, due to the unique demands of supporting Math 10AB.

¬    Field Studies tutors are required to attend a weekly tutor training seminar and do all assignments. In the seminar, tutors will learn tutoring and teaching techniques and discuss issues involved in teaching math and statistics. This seminar will emphasize individual tutoring and group teaching. Tutors will receive feedback from both their peers and the program coordinators. 

¬    Tutors hold weekly Drop-In hours in the Math/Stat Drop-in Tutoring Area. 

¬    The training curriculum and course requirements are identical whether taking the course through Math or Education.

¬    Tutors getting academic credit tutor students individually, and may elect to tutor only precalculus and 1st year calculus.

In addition to attending the weekly seminar, the number of hours of tutoring are:
    5 hrs/week for 14 weeks for 2 units
    8 hrs/week for 14 weeks for 3 units

Application for Spring 2017 Math/Stat Tutoring Program


Please find the link to the Spring 2017 Tutoring Program for Pay and for Field Studies Credit for the Math Stat Program Here:  Math / Stat Program Fall 2016 Tutor Application

Please find the Faculty / GSI Recommendation Form Here:  Faculty / Academic Advisor Recommendation Form

New Position: Senior Tutor Assistant

In order to help manage Drop-In, this year we've created a new paid position; the Senior Tutor Assistant.  Applicants must have a comprehensive understanding of how SLC Math/Stat Drop-In Tutoring works and have completed both Math 1A and Math 1B (or the equivalent).  Preferred applicants will have participated in our program as a Field Studies Tutor, Adjunct Student, or Study Group Participant. Senior Tutor Assistants will assist the senior staff in creating a welcoming space in Math/Stat Drop-In and will primarily greet new users, direct students to the appropriate tables, and tutor Math 32, Math 16A, and Math 1A.  Note that this is a great intermediate position for people who do not yet qualify for a full Paid Tutor position, but already have a comprehensive understanding of how SLC Math/Stat Drop-In Tutoring works and have the experience with the implementing the pedagogy and teaching practice for success in UC Berkeley mathematics.  To apply, send resume and cover letter to Mike Wong (, 103 Chavez) by Friday, January 20.  Interviews will be conducted during the second week of the semester.


The old application is below, which you can print out and return to 103 Chavez in person if you prefer:

Download the old Math/Stat Tutor application here