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Interdisciplinary Resources for Transfer Students

What We Do

The SLC’s Interdisciplinary Resources for Transfer Students works to promote research readiness and assist students with the shifting academic demands of upper division course work such as research methods and writing towards a research concentration. The Interdisciplinary Program looks to assist students in their transition from their general education courses to doing extensive research in their field of study. The primary focus of the program is first and second semester transfer students working to satisfy field major prerequisites, acclimate to university academic standards, establish their identity as a scholar and obtain a sense of community within their field of study. Program objectives include increasing students’ critical inquiry skills, analysis, confidence in writing and research, problem solving abilities and ability to work collaboratively.

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Formats of Service

We offer a combination of course-specific Study Groups, a 2-unit Research Process course, and open Drop-in hours to meet a wide variety of students’ needs.  All of our services are based on a student-centered approach which respects the diversity of students' experiences, challenges students to engage actively in their own learning, and provides opportunities for students to work collaboratively to achieve academic success.

Education 198: “Mastering Self, Mastering Research”

This course aims to prepare incoming transfer students to undertake the rigorous research demands and processes required at Cal.  In a seminar-style setting, students will explore and develop individual research interests as well as learn to navigate their chosen field and master essential steps of the research process.

How to Sign Up

Attend the first class session to obtain the CCN, then enroll through Telebears.  Space is limited, so early enrollment is advised.  

Study Groups

Study Groups provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with their peers while learning to navigate the discipline-specific demands of their course.  Study Group Leaders facilitate discussion of course content and guide students in developing approaches to critical reading, time management, note-taking and exam strategies.

How to Sign Up

To join the study group students need only show up to designated location/time and be prepared to sign in with a valid current student identification number. Space is limited; admission to the Study Group is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Study Groups typically begin the third week of the semester.

Drop-in Hours

Open Drop-in hours allow students the opportunity to talk one on one with Academic Coaches Quamé and Chris at any point in time throughout the semester.

How to Sign Up

To make an appointment with Quamé and Chris, just email them! Students may also come anytime to 135 Chavez for Drop-In Hours (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm) to get advice and feedback on particular assignments, effective course management strategies, developing a research focus, or for any other writing or research concerns.

Did you know?

The SLC also offers additional Writing support and Study Strategies resources, as well as support for upper-division courses such as MCB 102 and Statistics 134.