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Biology 1A & 1AL

The SLC offers three services for students in Biology 1A and 1AL for Fall 2017: Study Groups and Weekly Worksheets (for Bio 1A only), and Drop-in Tutoring (for Bio 1A and 1AL).

SLC Study Groups

Study Groups meet 2 hours a day, twice each week. In groups, a study group leader coaches the group by reviewing course material, answering questions, working examples to illustrate course concepts, providing worksheets for students to work on together, and helping students develop effective study strategies.

How to Join

All Bio 1A Study Groups are open for students to attend.  Anyone may attend any group.  Be sure to sign the attendance sheet when you go.
If a group is full, then students will be required to attend the study group at least once a week to avoid being dropped from the group.

Bio 1A Study Group Schedule

Time Group Leader Location Status
MW 9-11am Emily C

115 Chavez

Open to new students.

MW 2-4pm Taylor T B5 Hearst Annex Open to new students.
TuTh 6-8pm Casey N Tuesdays in 185 Barrows, and 
Thursdays in 155 Barrows.
Open to new students.


Drop-in Tutoring for Biology 1A & 1AL

SLC Bio 1A/1AL Drop-in Tutoring Hours:

Mon 10-4,
Tu 10-3,
Wed 10-4,
Th 11-12, 2-4,
Fri 10-1.

Here is the most up-to-date Drop-in Schedule we have posted.

Location: Science Drop-in Tutoring Area on the 2nd floor of the Chávez Student Center.

The SLC provides Drop-in tutoring for all students in Bio 1A and 1AL. Students can come in and talk to a tutor on a first-come, first served basis. The tutors work with students individually or sometimes in small groups, and can answer questions about lectures, course texts, homework problems, sample exams and labs.

How to Sign Up

No prior signing-up is required.  Just come to the Science Drop-in Tutoring Area on 2nd floor Chávez during an open hour for your class.  Be sure to sign-in at the Drop-in computer when you arrive and then go have a seat at the "Biology/NST" tutoring tables.

Biology students and tutors working together in the SLC's Science Drop-in Tutoring Area.

Weekly Worksheets

Each week, the SLC will make a Weekly Worksheet of Bio 1A questions available in the Science Drop-in Tutoring Area. Anyone can pick up a copy and can work on it at the Biology table or can take it home. Solutions are not posted, but students can speak with one of the tutors to check their answers and ask any other questions they have. 

Weekly Worksheets come out every Tuesday by noon.
(Past weekly worksheets can also be picked up in the Drop-in Tutoring Area while copies last.)

The first Weekly Worksheet will be available on Tuesday, Sept 18.