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Campus Process & Policies

Course Proposal: required documents

NEW forms required for Spring 2018 

There are new forms and requirements for all Course Proposals, starting with courses to be offered in the Spring 2018 semester. Please see the Academic Senate's website for a full explanation of each element. Here's what you'll need to submit in order to have your course considered for approval.

Completed Course Proposal packet (updated)

A fully developed syllabus

Faculty Sponsor letter of support (new)

Additional Resources:

How to Find a Faculty Sponsor A set of useful tips for researching, identifying and contacting potential faculty sponsors for your course.

Important Campus Policies and Resources (Updated for Fall 2016!) Important campus and federal policies Facilitators need to know and follow, with URLs.

COCI Memo on Student Groups and Student-Facilitated Courses. Is your course connected to an existing student group? Find out what you need to know about maintaining distinctions between the two. 

Guidelines Concerning Scheduling Conflicts A useful document for handling scheduling conflicts between academic requirements and extra-curricular activities.

Risk Services information, including Waiver of Liability Forms  This page explains when Waiver forms may be required, and how they should be used.

bCourses for DeCals ETS Handout: Tells you what steps to take to set up your bCourses site. At the start of each semester we also schedule at least one "bCourses for DeCals" workshop to introduce you to many of the bCourses tools that may be new to you.

Teaching & Facilitating Tools

Syllabus Template A template provided by the UCFTR to help you get started with your course syllabus. The template outlines important sections that your syllabus should include. Feel free to use the template; add your own content and modify it to suit your needs.

Syllabus Checklist A checklist to help you to make sure that your syllabus is complete.

Final Course Evaluation Template A final course evaluation template provided by the UCFTR to help you collect feedback at the end of your course. Feel free to modify the template to suit your needs.

Division of Undergraduate Education > Teaching Resources A collection of useful ideas and materials to help you design, teach and evaluate your class. Though not specifically chosen for peer facilitators, many of the resources here will be applicable or adaptable to your own course goals.