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Seeking a Private Science Tutor



Looking for a Private Science Tutor through the SLC:


How to request a tutor:

  • For students in NST 10, MCB 102, Bio 1A and Bio 1B:
    The SLC can sometimes provide a small number of students in these courses with a one hour weekly 1-on-1 tutor. Because of the limited number of individual tutors that the SLC can provide, we typically do this for students who are either repeating the course or have had significant difficulty with 1B or similar courses before. Further, if you are requesting an individual tutor, you should already be taking advantage of the other SLC services for that course that fit your schedule.

  • For students in other science classes at Cal or for tutor requests for non-Cal classes:
    The SLC can not provide a list of paid tutors. What we can do is email our current and past tutors to see if any of them are interested in tutoring you on the side. If we can find someone who is interested in tutoring you, details of scheduling and pay are worked out between the two of you.


Request the SLC to help you find an individual science tutor here.

You can email (Richard Gibson) to check on this request if you haven't heard back.
Please give us a few days to look for a tutor before following up.