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For Transfer/Re-entry Students

Strategies for Success: For Transfer and Re-entry Students

Transferring into or re-entering Cal after a hiatus is a significant transition academically, personally and socially. The services outlined below can help make this transition more successful and satisfying.

Education 98/198 : G.O.A.L.S for Success:  Growing Optimized Active Learning Strategies for Success

This 2 unit seminar assists students in making the transition to Cal by helping them enhance their learning strategies to meet the demands of Cal, sharpen their time management skills, and maintain health, well-being and balance in their lives.  Students enrolled in this seminar-course come from a variety of perspectives:  first-year freshmen and transfers as well as continuing lower and upper division students from diverse academic fields.  The seminar is a fantastic investment of time to share and adopt appropriate study strategies to enhance learning in your courses with other undergraduates motivated to succeed.

Sign up using Cal Central or come to the first class meeting.