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Format Description

Writers can meet with the same tutor once a week to master the fundamentals of academic writing over the course of the semester. This format is highly recommended for all writers taking R&C courses and ideal for writers who want to practice writing as a process.

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How to Sign up

Please submit a Weekly Tutoring Request Form and attend a 45-minute orientation session to acquaint you to the format. You will be contacted via e-mail once you are assigned a tutor.

Spring 2017 Orientation Dates and Times

Week 10:

Wednesday, 3/22 || 2-2:45pm || 149 Chávez || RSVP

Thursday, 3/23 || 4-4:45pm || 160 Chávez || RSVP

Friday, 3/24 || 10-10:45am || 160 Chávez || RSVP