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General Information

The SLC Social Science Program supports students taking courses in and/or pursing majors in the Social Sciences. The program comprises a community of scholars who work together to master the demands of a given discipline and who support one another in achieving of their academic goals.

Study Group Leaders will be needed for the following classes. Please apply for these positions during the months of April-August for Fall positions and October-January for Spring postions. The following Study Group Leader positions will be filled on a rolling basis.

Positions for Spring 2018

  • History 5, 7B
  • IAS 45
  • Political Science 1, 2, 4
  • Psychology 1, 10/101
  • Ethnic Studies 11AC
  • Anthropology 1, 2AC, 3AC
  • Sociology 1, 3AC, 5, 101, 102, and 111​

Positions for Fall 2018

  • History 7A
  • IAS 45
  • Political Science 1, 3, 5
  • Psychology 1, 10/101
  • Ethnic Studies (lower division)
  • Anthropology 1, 3AC
  • Sociology 1, 3AC, 5, 101, 102

Field Studies for-credit (Ed.97/197) programs are also available.  Please see the general SLC "Become a Tutor" page, as well as the Application materials, for more information.

Download the Social Science Tutor application here