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Biology 1A & 1AL


Biology 1A/1AL Drop-in Services 

By actively engaging students in the learning process, Bio 1A/1AL drop-in services support Cal undergraduates in enhancing their understanding of General Biology. By collaborating with each other and peer tutors, students clarify concept, hone their problem-solving skills, and bolster their confidence with the material. We welcome any and all questions related to course lectures and texts, labs, homework problems, and practice exams. In drop-in, students will foster connections not only with biology concepts, but with a supportive community in which they can thrive as learners.


General service hours during the regular academic year are 10AM-4PM Monday through Friday, beginning the third week of instruction. To view SLC Bio 1A/1AL service hours, please visit our live weekly drop-in schedule

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Advanced registration is not required! Students are welcome to visit the Science Drop-in Area on the 2nd floor of the César Chávez Student Center anytime during service hours.