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Bridge or Edge?

Scholars who have been invited to both Bridge and Edge have the opportunity to select which program best meets their academic and transitional goals. The information below summarizes the commonalities and distinctions between the two programs. Scholars may not participate in both programs simultaneously.


Both programs provide an opportunity for new freshmen to gain academic experience and familiarize themselves with campus before the fall semester. Each program describes their distinct purpose as follows:

• Bridge cultivates a diverse community of scholars and prepares them to engage actively with and meet the challenges of a large public research university. Scholars gain a better understanding of faculty expectations, university culture, and campus resources to ease their transition into the fall semester. Read student testimonials (scroll to bottom)

• Edge gives scholars an early start on their Cal experience by offering popular required courses during the summer. Scholars get to know the campus before the fall and connect with peers at both the Summer Kickoff event and popular progarm events that will give students an inside look into life as a college student. Edge participants get a head start on their college career. Read student testimonials


Bridge holds one specially scheduled six-week session from Wednesday, June 24 to Friday, August 7.

Edge allows scholars to choose from either the 8-week Session C (Monday, June 22 to Friday, August 14) or the 6-week Session D (Monday, July 6 to Friday, August 14).


Scholars take two courses in both programs, typically between 6-9 units in total. All coursework, units and grades are included on scholars' official UC Berkeley transcript. Most courses satisfy University, college and/or breadth requirements.

• Bridge courses are designed to set scholars up for high-level performance in chemistry, math, reading and composition, social science, and statistics. Bridge courses are small in size and allow for close interaction between scholars and instructors, and also feature built-in study strategies workshops and tutoring.

• Edge courses allow scholars to choose from an approved list of 150 courses across dozens of departments. Scholars take courses with a wide range of people, from current Cal students to domestic and international students visiting Berkeley for the summer. Class size varies from small courses of 20-30 students to large lecture courses of 300+ students.


The total cost of Bridge is between $5,500-$6,500, and includes course fees, campus services fee, housing contract, full meal plan, textbooks, school supplies, printing credit, and AC Transit class pass. The initial cost of Edge is between $2,700-$3,500, which covers basic course and campus fees, with all other costs on your own.

Financial aid is available for both Bridge and Edge for those who qualify for either federal financial aid or California Dream Act aid, and who complete a FAFSA or Dream Act application for both 2014-15 and 2015-16. Submit both applications by May 1 for Bridge or by May 31 for Edge.

Bridge is proud to offer additional Bridge grants to over 80% of participants, which can help reduce the amount of loans scholars need to take out.


On-campus housing is available to scholars in both programs. Housing contracts include a double or triple room, a meal plan, and access to study space, computing facilities, and in-room internet connections.

Residential staff from both programs coordinate engaging social and community activities designed to strengthen peer-to-peer connections, promote personal balance and wellness, and allow scholars to explore the campus and surrounding areas.