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Become an Economics Tutor

Welcome to the Student Learning Center Economics Program!

The SLC Economics Program harnesses the power of peer pedagogy to support economics students at Cal. Serving as attentive, respectful, and responsive peers, our tutors help fellow students strengthen their grasp of econonomics coursework and navigate the demands of the Economics major. In the process of doing so, tutors strengthen their own knowledge of the discipline and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Econ tutor positions are available for the following courses:
✔ Econ 1
✔ 100A
✔ 100B
✔ 136
✔ 140

✔ Work with fellow students in all formats of service
✔ Attend weekly training seminar
✔ Assist in exam review facilitation and preparation, as needed
✔ Provide program support to professional staff, as needed

✔ Must have completed Econ 1 AND one of the following: 100A, 100B, 136, and 140, OR equivalents
✔ Tutors specializing in a certain course must have completed that course with at least an A-
Must be able to attend weekly training every Friday from 2-4PM

Additional Qualifications:
✔ Strong interest in collaborative learning
✔ Ability to work with peers from diverse backgrounds
✔ Ability to devote at least 7 hours/week
✔ No more than two “Incomplete” grades
✔ Not on academic probation
✔ Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better

The application packet includes:
SLC General Tutor Application & Economics Supplemental Questionnaire
Academic Recommendation Form (to be submitted by the recommender)

If your application is selected, you will be invited to an on-site interview.

Paid positions start at $15.57/hour. 

Applications for Spring 2019 are coming soon.