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Strategic Learning Courses

Education 98/198: Growing Optimized Active Learning Strategies for Success

Education 98: Growing Optimized Active Learning Strategies for Success

In this course, students will establish personal and academic GOALS while developing learning strategies to achieve them.  Student collectively explore ways to Grow Optimized Active Learning Strategies (GOALS) that enhance success at CAL.  


We will begin by examining GROWTH mindsets and students’ beliefs, attitudes, and self-perception that impact one’s sense of belonging, effort, motivation, academic confidence and academic engagement. We will then reflect upon how our past and present contexts of learning (namely in K-14 and at the research university) play a role in how a student OPTIMIZES learning given changing course structures and learning demands from high school/community college to a research university.  We will focus on creating learning processes and practices that address the heightened demands and complexity across diverse sets of academic disciplines (including interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to learning).  We will then look at the various ACTIVE LEARNING  STRATEGIES topics critical at the university:  time management, strategic reading, academic writing, active listening/notetaking, exam preparation/test taking, and honing academic presence.  We will also unpack SUCCESS at the university embedded in accessing campus resources, increasing academic engagement, building intellectual curiosity, and establishing healthy learning processes, practices, and partnerships at CAL.