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Handbook Overview

This Handbook is intended as a reference to the policies and resources you will need to be aware of in your role here at the SLC. Your supervisor will cover the relevant University and SLC policies in your Orientation and/or first seminars; you will be responsible for knowing and following these policies as a condition of your continued participation here at the SLC. Please ask for clarification of anything mentioned in these Handbook pages.

We understand that situations will occur in your day-to-day experience that raise questions in regard to some of the policies. Your supervisor has many years of experience and knows the context for your work – he or she will generally be the best person to guide you in understanding how the policies apply to the situation at hand. However, if your immediate supervisor is not available and the situation feels urgent, please feel free to talk with one of the management team, or any available Program Coordinator.

The Resources listed in the Handbook pages provide a network of additional support for your students, and for you as well. Please familiarize yourself with those that are listed here; many can be accessed directly by you or your students, or talk with your supervisor if you are wondering which might be most appropriate or useful.