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Friday, March 22, 2019 (All day)

The UC Berkeley Student Learning Center is excited to invite submissions for our first ever photo contest! Through this endeavor we aim to celebrate our community of learners by capturing moments that reflect our motto: Seek Knowledge, Locate Passion, Change the World. 

We invite you to submit photos that encapsulate your perspective as a learner to contribute to a collection of images that embody the unique, diverse, and exciting moments that happen in and through the Student Learning Center.


  • Seek Knowledge: Capture an image that you feel best illustrates how SLC scholars seek out knowledge. The image should convey a sense of agency on the part of the subject, where they are taking control of their learning process and demonstrating curiosity or discovery.  

  • Locate Passion: Capture an image that you feel best illustrates how SLC scholars explore their intellectual surroundings to locate their passions. This image can capture how you connect and engage with the community of scholars at UC Berkeley.

  • Change the World: Capture an image that you feel best illustrates how SLC scholars  use their intellect, passion or ingenuity to contribute to their communities at home or beyond. This can be through small acts of kindness, large gestures of goodwill or the creation of innovative tools or ideas that improve human life.


The contest is open to all UC Berkeley undergraduates, graduates, staff, faculty, and alumni. Contestants must submit a set of 3 images for each category they wish to enter, and are eligible to enter one set per category. Each set requires a new submission and photos may only be entered into one category.


Entries must...

  • Be submitted via Google Form by 11:59PM Friday, March 22, 2019

  • Be uploaded as a JPEG, TIFF, PDF or PNG

  • Be high-resolution (minimum size: 2560 pixels x 1920 pixels, or 300 ppi)

  • Be unedited digital pictures (No watermarked or “filtered” photos)

  • Include a signed Model Release Form for each featured individual

  • Be the author’s original work and be previously unpublished


Judging will be conducted by a panel of SLC peer and professional staff. In addition to the requirements above, photo sets will be judged based on the following: 

  • Relevance to the selected category and clarity of connection to the SLC

  • Alignment with the the UC Berkeley brand preferences (people oriented, bright, airy and taken from natural angles)

  • Overall impact, originality, and coherence of photos


Contestants with the the top photo set from each category will have their images displayed throughout the SLC. In addition, the following prizes will be awarded to the top three contestants in each category:

1st Place: Samsung Galaxy tablet and a $50 Amazon Gift Card 
2nd Place: $75 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place: $50 Gift Card

Please note that each contestant is eligible for only one prize, regardless of the number of submissions


By submitting your photographs, you give Student Learning Center (SLC) permission to utilize the photos in current and future promotional materials in print and online. The SLC cannot promise attribution in all cases.