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Note: The SLC Social Science Program services will return in Spring 2019. For one-on-one support with writing, please visit the SLC Writing Program. For quantitative or statistical support, please check out the SLC Mathematics & Statistics Program.

Tentative Social Science Services for 2018-2019 Academic Semesters

Sign up for services begin during the first 3 weeks of the semester.

Tentative Study Group List for Spring 2019:

Anthropology 1

Anthropology 2AC

Anthropology 3AC

Ethnic Studies 11AC

History 7B

IAS 45

Political Science 1

Political Science 2

Psychology 1

Psychology 10/101

Sociology 1

Sociology 3AC

Sociology 5

Sociology 101

Sociology 102

Sociology 111


Note: The list above is tentative and subject to change.