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Student Service Units in Chavez

Athletic Study Center

Academic support and advising for student athletes
Contact: Derek Van Rheenen, 179 Chavez,, 642-0605

College of Letters & Science satellite office in Chávez

Sp’13: Wednesdays 10am – 4:00pm in 163A Chavez.

Counseling and Psychological Services satellite hours at Chávez

Drop-in consultation for students, staff or faculty who have concerns about themselves or others.
Rrm.150. Check door for posted hours. 
Click here for Spring 2012 flyer

Disabled Students Program

Services and accommodations for students with disabilities. Director: Paul Hippolitus, 260-E Chavez, 642-0518

For SLC/DSP questions, contact the Writing Program Coordinators in 127 Chavez (

Gender Equity Resource Center

Student academic achievement and personal development concerning gender issues. 202 Chavez.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Services

Support, referrals, and coordination of programs & resources for the LGBT community

Contact: Billy Curtis, 209 Chavez, , 643-5728

Women's Programs & Services (Sexual Harassment Advocacy / Peer Education)

Resources on sexual harassment and assault, gender discrimination, women's programs and services & campus climate issues

Contact: Christine (CiCi) Ambrosio, 207Chavez, , 643-5727

Multicultural Student Development

Academic support & courses, multicultural awareness, & community involvement

African American Student Development

Contact: Nzingha Dugas, 247 Chavez, , 642-0096

Asian Pacific American Student Development

Contact: Jere Takahashi, 249 Chavez, , 642-9077

Chicano/Latino Student Development

Contact: Lupe Gallegos-Diaz, 245 Chavez, , 642-1802

Cross Cultural Student Development

Contact: Lisa Walker, 243 Chavez, , 642-4270

Native American Student Development

Student Life Advising Services

Academic, personal, financial, and career guidance for all undergraduates; campus EOP office.
Contact: 119 Chavez, 642-7224

Transfer, Re-entry & Student Parent Center

Courses for credit, academic support & advising/mentoring for transfer students, re-entry (25+ years old) and student parents. Contact: Eva Rivas, 101 Chavez, , 643-5740