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Peer to Peer Individual Consultations

Individual Peer to Peer Study Strategies Consultations

For Peer to Peer Study Strategies Consultations, check back in mid-August.

Explore Learning Strategies in time management, critical reading, note taking, and exam preparation.  Partner with our staff to enhance your learning process in all of your classes.  Enjoy learning and increase academic engagement at Cal.


Meet with Peer Strategic Learning Coaches to get organized, focused, and action-oriented. Achieve your Goals!

Meet with peer Strategic Learning Coaches about Goal Setting Strategies, Time Management, Reading/Notetaking Strategies, and Exam Preparation/Test Taking Strateiges.  Mondays are great days to plan, focus, and implement goals to begin the week MOTIVATED and PRODUCTIVE.  Friday is the perfect day to Finalize your week! Review your notes. Envison the upcoming weekend and week balanced with both work and play.  Evaluate your week and improve your processes for the next week.  Direct attention to prioritized tasks.  Organize yourself for the next exam or upcomng week.  Moblize your efforts by identifying resources, academic partnerships, and sources of inspiration.  Begin and/or end the Week Strategic, Pro-Active, and Energized.  

Fall 2018 Time/Date/Location: TBA