Study Groups


The Study Groups are a virtual collaborative space for students to work together on worksheets and discuss material for specific classes in small, inclusive group environments. The Study Group Facilitator facilitates these discussions as well as summarizes key concepts, reviews for the lecture exams, and addresses individual questions during office hours.

Fall 2021 Study Group Schedule

All Fall 2021 study groups will begin in Week 3 (the week of September 6) unless otherwise announced, and will continue to the end of instruction. During Week 3 the study groups will meet online through Zoom. After that we hope to host the Study Group in-person (pending room size limitations and the attendance demands).  The following information has been finalized:

  • Math 16A: F 1-3; Starts Friday, September 10.

  • Stat 20 (Murali-Stoyanov): TuTh 1-2; Starts Thursday, September 9.

How to Sign Up

Please read our Student User Guide to Zoom to make sure you have configured your settings to optimize your experience.

Study group attendance is flexible and allows students to attend at any point during the semester. Simply sign up on the form above and attend any session. Of course, more is gained from consistent attendance!