One-on-One Appointments


The Social Science Program's new one-on-one service format provides support to individual students by appointment. In these sessions we work with you to maximize the effectiveness of your study strategies for social science courses. The sessions are highly customized depending on the focus of your visit - essay preparation, project outlining, reading load management, syllabus blueprinting and recently, virtual learning motivation and accountability. We have a host of strategies up our sleeve and we are excited to share them with you!  

Make a Virtual Appointment

In respone to recent public health concerns, the University has shifted to using the online platform, Zoom. To continue providing students with this personalized support, we are holding one-on-one appointments via Zoom. To reserve an appointment with a member of the Social Science Program's team, visit the Program Calendar and select one of the 45-minute slots. We will send you a confirmation email confirming our meeeting time and providing you with the Meeting ID. 

We request two (2) days advance notice before meeting to confirm team members' availability, so please schedule two days ahead.

To learn how to access our other services, see our Virtual Service Guide for Student Users!