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Our research workshops support Cal undergraduates in their journey to become scholars. Come join us for a conversation about the function of research and explore the skills to strengthen your scholarly voice. Find out how you can animate the process of knowledge production and contribute to Cal’s mission as one of the world’s leading centers for research.

Please check below for our Fall 2018 schedule! Feel free to RSVP for one or all workshops.

Kick Start Your Research: Making Plans to Stay Ahead

This workshop will get you started on your research project. We will cover faculty expectations of research at Cal, walk through the general structure of a research paper, and explore the resources available to student researchers on campus. From the Deep Web to the Main Stacks, you will acquire the know-how to navigate the research process at Cal. Whether you’re eager to get started or unsure how to begin, you will leave the session with a realistic and accomplishable action plan that will keep you engaged and on-track to finish strong.

Thurs. 10/25 || 5-6PM || 110 Chávez || RSVP

Scholar, Activated: From Curiosities to Tangible Research Questions

This workshop offers strategies for bringing your research project into sharper focus. We will discuss qualities of a feasible research project, and explore elements of an intellectually significant research question. Whether you are overflowing with ideas or still looking for inspiration, you will come away with an enhanced understanding of how to choose your subject, identify your audience, focus your research effort, and come up with your research question.

Thurs. 11/8 || 5-6PM || 110 Chávez || RSVP

From the Archives and Back: Making Meaning of Your Sources

Engaging with primary and secondary sources is integral to the research process. It informs your scholarly voice, shapes the direction of your research, and strengthens your claim. This workshop provides you concrete strategies for analyzing and making meaning of your sources. You will come away with a healthy dose of scholarly skepticism and the skills to discern the validity and rigor of scientific evidence. Ultimately, you will understand how evidence can be used to convince the reader of your claim.

Thurs. 11/15 || 5-6PM || 110 Chávez || RSVP

Break Ground: Building the Paper You Envisioned

This workshop is designed to get your writing juices flowing. We will cover strategies for transforming your findings and observations into a coherent, well-supported, and well-written research paper. You will discover creative ways to stay committed to the writing process and allow your vision to materialize. Whether you’re still brainstorming or already working on a draft, you will come away with a sound structure for your paper, a clear plan of action, and a renewed motivation to reach the finish line.

Thurs. 11/29 || 5-6PM || 110 Chávez || RSVP

Let Your Writing Sing: Realizing Your Vision Through Revision

Now that you have turned in your research proposal, analyzed your primary and secondary sources, and produced a draft of your research paper, you could benefit from a discerning reader to help you strengthen your work. This hands-on workshop provides you with concrete strategies for becoming your own discerning reader. You will come to appreciate revision as an integral, and rewarding, part of the writing process, and will leave with the tools to bolster your critical eye, strengthen your organization, and enliven your writing.

Thurs. 12/6 || 5-6PM || 110 Chávez || RSVP