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Social Science

Program Description

The SLC Social Science Program supports undergraduates taking courses in the social sciences at Cal. Through peer-facilitated study groups and workshops, we aim to bolster students’ confidence and ability to practice and master social scientific thinking and modes of inquiry.

Program Philosophy

We believe that in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the ability to comprehend and respond to rapidly shifting social and cultural dynamics is an essential ingredient for lifelong success. We also believe that rigorous social scientific thinking can result in just democratic practices and meaningful social change. As an engine of inquiry and discovery, social science advances our understanding of human behavior, enhances our appreciation for complexity and diversity, and fortifies our commitment to and aspirations for a better world. To this end, the SLC Social Science Program aims to provide Cal undergraduates with culturally respectful, thoughtful and rigorous peer-led support to bolster their ability to thrive in the social sciences. Whatever their backgrounds, departure points, or academic interests, students will find in the SLC a community of fellow scholars committed to seeking knowledge, locating passion, and changing the world.

Note: The SLC Social Science Program services will return in Spring 2019. For one-on-one support with writing, please visit the SLC Writing Program. For quantitative or statistical support, please check out the SLC Mathematics & Statistics Program.

Formats of Service

Study Groups

Weekly study groups for select courses provide opportunities for students to work in small groups to discuss course material, guided by a trained, experienced peer tutor.  The study group facilitator helps clarify course material, review important course concepts, and introduce study strategies relevant to social sciences. Weekly attendance is expected in order to get the most from the study group experience.

How to Sign Up:  Click the social science discipline, find your course, and sign up online.  Attend the first study group beginning in week 3 to secure your participation. The first 14 students to sign up for each group are automatically accepted into the group. 


Would you like to find out the secrets to successfully navigating social sciences courses at the university?  Would you like to develop a process to manage the large volumes of reading and/or to navigate dense texts?  Would you like to improve your strategies for organizing your notes so that they are tailored to help you understand, synthesize, analyze, connect, and review for course assessments (i.e. quizzes, in-class exams, take-home exams, and papers)?  Attend any or all of the workshops in this lecture series to learn how to master the social science courses at Cal.

How to Sign Up:  More detailed descriptions of each workshop, and a link to rsvp, are on the Mastering the Social Science page.