Social Science

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What We Do

The SLC Social Science Program supports undergraduates in the social sciences at Cal. We offer peer-led study groups, drop-in services and workshops that aim to promote mastery of course material through collaboration.

Our Philosophy

We believe that in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the ability to comprehend and respond to rapidly shifting social and cultural dynamics is an essential ingredient for lifelong success. We also believe that rigorous social scientific thinking can result in just democratic practices and meaningful social change. As an engine of inquiry and discovery, social science advances our understanding of human behavior, enhances our appreciation for complexity and diversity, and fortifies our commitment to and aspirations for a better world. To this end, the SLC Social Science Program aims to provide Cal undergraduates with culturally respectful, thoughtful and rigorous peer-led support to bolster their ability to thrive in the social sciences. Whatever their backgrounds, departure points, or academic interests, students will find in the SLC a community of fellow scholars committed to seeking knowledge, locating passion, and changing the world.