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What we do

The Social Science Program supports the efforts of students taking courses in and/or pursuing majors in the Social Sciences. The program strives to create a community of scholars who work together to master the demands of a given discipline and support each other in achieving their academic goals.  Credit courses and study groups highlight each student's strengths and emphasize collaborative group work and effective study and exam strategies. In addition, students discover and master modes of inquiry, analysis and expression particular to each discipline.

Formats of Service

Study Groups

Weekly study groups for select courses provide opportunities for students to work in small groups to discuss course material, guided by a trained, experienced tutor.  The study group leader clarifies difficult course material, reviews and previews important course concepts, and introduces reading, studying and exam strategies specific to the discipline.  Weekly attendance is expected in order to get the most from the study group experience.

How to Sign Up:  Click the social science discipline, find your course, and sign up on-line.  Attend the first study group beginning in week 3 to confirm your participation. The first 14 students to sign up for each group are automatically accepted into the group. Students who do not attend the first session may lose their slot.


Would you like to find out the secrets to successfully navigating social sciences courses at the university?  Would you like to develop a process to manage the large volumes of reading and/or to navigate dense texts?  Would you like to improve your strategies for organizing your notes so that they are tailored to help you understand, synthesize, analyze, connect, and review for course assessments (i.e. quizzes, in-class exams, take-home exams, and papers)?  Attend any or all of the workshops in this lecture series to learn how to master the social science courses at Cal.

How to Sign Up:  More detailed descriptions of each workshop, and a link to rsvp, are on the Mastering the Social Sciences page.

History 98: Ethnic Perspectives

(2 units p/np; Fall only)  Not offered in the Fall of 2015

History 98: Ethnic Perspectives is sponsored by the Student Learning Center and the Department of History. The course consists of a variety of guest speakers (from campus and beyond) and student-facilitated discussions. The course is an excellent opportunity for students to learn university navigation techniques and create a welcoming community of similarly situated scholars. We will be addressing the following central question: How do I maintain my voice/perspective as an undergraduate and allow it to resonate at U.C. Berkeley and beyond.  The class meets on Mondays and Wednesdays day/time/location 3:00-4:00, location TBA.

How to Sign Up: Enroll through Tele-Bears and attend the first class session.