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Sociology 102

Study Group for Sociology 102

Spring, 2017 
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Facilitator: TBA

*PLease check back:  we hope to have a Study Group soon.



Study Group Leaders facilitate discussion of course content and guide students in developing approaches to critical reading, time management, note-taking and exam strategies. Study Group Leaders will also hold office hours for students in the Study Group to provide individual tutoring. Study groups are free to all registered students and have been known to help students navigate course material in a more effective manner. Study Groups also provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with their peers.

Study Group Policies

  • No sign-ups are required for this Study Group.  Simply attend the Wednesday group. 
  • Consistent particiaption and engagement in Study Groups yields optimal results for students. Students are encouraged to attend Study Groups regularly.
  • Caveat- Study Groups are not a substitute for either lecture or discussion sections.