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Academic programs that promote research readiness

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Academic Programs & Services

Academic Programs & Services

Interdisciplinary Resources for Transfer Students

The SLC’s Interdisciplinary Resources for Transfer Students works to promote research readiness and assist students with the shifting academic demands of upper division course work such as research methods and writing towards a research concentration.

International Student Program

The SLC International Student Program co-facilitates new and existing academic support services to optimize the learning experiences of international students. We also provide cultural competency training for professional and student staff working with international students at the SLC and across campus. In concert with the SLC team and in collaboration with other campus partners, our staff support and advocate for the specific and evolving needs of international students.  

Math and Statistics

Professional staff and trained, accomplished undergraduates offer structured, engaging learning support to help you succeed and thrive in your quantitative courses.


The SLC Science Program offers support for many Science classes. Students are encouraged to work together to achieve academic success.

Social Sciences

The Social Science Program supports the efforts of students taking courses in and/or pursuing majors in the Social Sciences. The program strives to create a community of scholars who work together to master the demands of a given discipline and support each other in achieving their academic goals.

Strategies for Success

Our staff can help students like you achieve academic success at Berkeley while maintaining health, balance, and well-being. You can expect guidance in the following areas: Time Management & Procrastination, Motivation & Goal-setting, Effective Reading Strategies, and more.

Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources (UCFTR)

The Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources (UCFTR) office offers pedagogical support and training to Cal undergraduates interested in or currently facilitating DeCals or other student-initiated courses.


The SLC Writing Program works under the assumption that all writers, regardless of their experience and abilities, benefit from informed, individualized, and personal feedback on their writing.  Our professional educators and trained peer tutors work with writers engaged in any stage of the writing process...