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Your contribution to the Student Learning Center will ensure our mission to support educational access and equity for Cal undergraduates. 

Support Specific Formats of Service

  • $15 = An Hour Of Individual Tutoring 
  • $40 = A Study Group Session 
  • $100 = Individual Tutor 
  • $1,000 = Exam Reviews 
  • $2,000 = Peer Mentor 
  • $2,500 = Individual Tutor 
  • $3,500 = Study Group Leader
  • $5,500 = Adjunct Course Instructor

Support Specific SLC Programs 

  • $500 = Research Stipend for scholars to access valuable archives, travel to fieldwork sites and/or attend conferences. 
  • $5,000 = Stipends for Ethnic Perspectives undergraduate facilitators, Ethnic Perspectives, a student-run lecture series offers undergraduates a space to engage with community activists and cutting edge scholars in the social sciences. 
  • $5,000 = Stipends for Other Voices undergraduate facilitators, Other Voices, a student-facilitated lecture series offers undergraduates a space to engage with literary artists, community activists and cutting edge scholars in the humanities. 
  • $5,000 = Chemistry P lecturer, the course is an introduction to college level Chemistry, designed to prepare students for the rigor of freshmen chemistry.  Moreover, Chemistry P serves as an entry point into STEM based majors for students who were not exposed to rigorous science instruction in high school.

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