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Summer Bridge

Bridge scholars reviewing the past week's material in a small discussion section
Two scholars working together to solve a Chemistry problem set

What is Bridge?

Bridge is a rigorous, six-week academic residential program that provides an opportunity for newly admitted freshmen to get a jump start on their UC Berkeley career. Bridge presents scholars with a challenging and stimulating curriculum designed to spark their curiosity, engage their intellect, and uncover their passions, while simultaneously advancing their academic writing, critical reading, and quantitative thinking.

Who attends Bridge?

Scholars selected for Bridge have already met UC Berkeley's high admission standards and are among the most outstanding high school graduates in the world. The 376 scholars who participated in Bridge 2014 represent:

• All five academic colleges and over 60 majors;
• Over 35 California counties, numerous U.S. states, and a dozen international countries;
• More than 30 linguistic frames and over 70 ethnic backgrounds; and
• Numerous prestigious scholarship programs, such as Berkeley Science Network, Gates Millennium, Intercollegiate Athletics, MasterCard Foundation, and Regents & Chancellors Scholars.

Why should I attend Bridge?

The transition from high school to University is challenging for all new students, and Bridge gives scholars a substantial advantage compared to their freshman peers. Bridge scholars enter the fall semester with:

• Seven or more units of coursework toward their graduation requirements and UC GPA
• Strategies to both meet and surpass the academic demands of UC Berkeley
• A powerful network of scholars, instructors and advisors that endures throughout their academic tenure


How many scholars attend Bridge?

Between 350-400 scholars participate each summer; more than 6,800 scholars have completed Bridge since 1973.

When does Bridge take place?

Bridge 2015 begins Wednesday, June 24 and concludes Friday, August 7; international scholars and student athletes arrive 1-2 days early. Bridge 2016 dates have not yet been determined, but will likely run from late June to early August. More at Move-In

What requirements do Bridge courses fulfill?

All Bridge courses count toward total units required to graduate, and many fulfill University and/or college requirements. More at Course Offerings

Do Bridge scholars choose their own courses?

Scholars are placed in courses that are selected for them individually by the Summer Bridge Placement Committee. More at Course Placement

How much does it cost to attend Bridge?

The total cost of participation is between $5,500-$6,500; financial aid is available for those who qualify. More at Paying for Bridge

Do Bridge scholars attend CalSO?

Yes, a full CalSO session is built into Bridge Orientation Week. More at Orientation

Where do Bridge scholars live?

Bridge scholars live communally in a shared residential complex one block from campus. More at Contracts

How many meals do Bridge scholars receive?

The Bridge meal plan includes 16 meals and 30 points per week. More at Dining

What health and wellness services are available?

University Health Services and the Recreational Sports Facility are both available to Bridge scholars on a fee-for-service basis. More at Health & Wellness

How are scholars with disabilities supported?

Academic and housing accommodations are provided to meet the individual needs of each scholar. More at Accommodations

What is the difference between Bridge and Freshman Edge?

Both programs provide a transitional experience, but differ in their dates, courses, costs, and housing. More at Bridge or Edge?

How do I enroll for Bridge?

Complete the following three steps, in order:

• Submit your Statement of Intent to Register
• Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application for both 2014-15 and 2015-16
• Submit your Summer Bridge Program Application

Enrollment opens on March 26, 2015 and fills on a first-come, first-served basis, with a final application deadline of May 1, 2015.  Applications from scholars who did not receive a formal invitation to Bridge will be placed on a waitlist, pending available space.