Summer Bridge

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What We Do

Summer Bridge is a six-week academic residential program, serving 300+ entering undergraduates every summer. Scholars take a full course load, including two academic courses and a mentorship program that help them acclimate to the academic expectations of the research university. 

Our Philosophy 

For over four decades, we work to demystify academic success at the research university. At the core of our work lies the conviction that with rigorous instruction and adequate support, anyone can thrive at Cal. We help students achieve by honoring their diverse starting points, taking seriously their academic aspirations, and working hard to ensure they possess the tools to navigate the formal curriculum and the hidden demands of the research university.

Bridge Objectives

Upon completion of the program, scholars will be able to:

  1. Navigate the academic rigor and demands of Cal
  2. Attend to their intellectual, psychological, and physical well-being
  3. Leverage the University's resources and connections to enhance their academic journey
  4. Master the mindset and learning strategies required for lifelong success.

Bridge Advantages

Scholars will receive a competitive advantage over their peers, leaving the program with:

Early Completion of U.C. Berkeley Coursework: Scholars will complete up to eight (8) units of coursework toward their graduation requirements and UC GPA, prior to the start of their freshman year.

Academic and Social Support System:

Scholars will have access to a powerful network of faculty, advisors, tutors, and peer scholars that can last throughout their academic (and often professional) tenure Early Campus Orientation and Resources: Scholars will be able to access and navigate Cal1, library and research databases, residential life, and more!

Bridge History

Summer Bridge serves a diverse and global community of entering undergraduates in a comprehensive six-week academic residential program. Bridge has grown 300% within the past three years. The 2015 cohort spoke 35 languages, came from 29 counties in California, represented 12 states, and hailed from 16 countries. Additionally, 71% of the 368 Bridge scholars were Pell grant and/or Dream Act eligible and 71% were the first in their families to attend college. The program is managed by the Student Learning Center. Campus partners from over 60 departments collaborate closely in planning and delivering the program each summer, including the Athletic Study Center, the Educational Opportunity Program, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and Residential Programs. Check out our full history here.

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