Mathematics and Statistics

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What We Do

Our team of professional staff and trained undergraduates offer structured, engaging, and collaborative learning support to students.  Our services seek to foster a student-centered environment that allows students to thrive and succeed while engaging with the mathematics and statistics they encounter throughout the UC Berkeley undergraduate curriculum.

Our Philosophy

We believe all students have the right to learn mathematics and statistics. With proper support and guidance we know every student can meet the academic demands and rigor of these disciplines. To this end, we create high quality, high touch collaborative service models that are student-centered and designed to meet students where they are. We also partner with students in setting attainable learning goals and developing individualized action plans for their academic success. Moreover, we engage students in an iterative learning process that entails reflection, engagement with course material, and a refinement of their learning strategies and praxis.

Our approach honors peer pedagogy and leverages the power of peer collaboration which bolsters self-efficacy, agency, and opportunities for peers to cultivate connection while co-laboring in making meaning of course material together. Our goal is to create a thriving learning community that is judgment-free and positive.