Topic Reviews

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What are Topical Reviews?

Topic Reviews are designed to support students in building and deepening their understanding of key concepts and theories introduced in their math or statistics course. Topical reviews will cover the information one week after it is presented in lecture or the assigned readings.

What are the learning objectives of Topical reviews?

By participating in the topical reviews, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key knowledge critical to mastering the topic
  • Develop the skills needed to engage with and deconstruct the information in order to make meaning for themselves
  • Practice integrating knowledge and skills strategically when engaging with prompts or solving problems

How are Topical Reviews Structured?

Each session will begin with an overview of the topic reviewed, before identifying the learning goals and objectives of the session. The facilitator will then discuss the key theories, concepts, and background knowledge needed to engage with the material, before facilitating learning activities designed for participants to make meaning of the material for themselves in a collaborative, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

The topic will be covered over two sessions each week, allowing for different aspects of the topic to be covered, and to allow students the time to further their understanding between the sessions as necessary.

All sessions are planned to be held on Zoom, and though the sessions will be recorded, we encourage participants to engage synchronously to interact with peers and the instructor, and to shape the direction of the session to meet individual needs.

What can you anticipate as a participant?

Each session will cultivate a learning space that is a collaborative and inclusive learning environment that welcomes you regardless of your prior understanding of the material.

The instructor will begin each session by welcoming students into the space, and reviewing and addressing information shared in the RSVP form for the session. Throughout the session, we will identify the knowledge, practice the skills, and develop the abilities needed to master the week’s topic. Knowledge consists of the key definitions, concepts, and theories needed to understand the topic. Skills are the techniques and computational tools needed to demonstrate your understanding of the theories and concepts. Abilities are the ways to strategically integrate and apply the knowledge and skills with discernment.

How can you best leverage this format of service?

The material covered in the topical reviews lags behind the lecture and assigned readings in order to provide you with the opportunity to engage with the course material independently and assess your understanding prior to the sessions. We encourage you to identify which aspects of the topic you understand best, as well as what areas of the topic you find most challenging, in advance of the session. Then use the RSVP form to communicate what you hope to get out of the session so that the instructor can tailor the session to better meet your needs.

During the session, it is best to engage actively with the material, with the instructor, and with your peers. You will be invited to engage in the chat, respond to questions posed by the instructor or your peers, and pose any questions that you may have.

When are the topic reviews held and how can you sign up?

Please see the google calendar below for the most up to dat information about Topic Reviews for each course. You should also receive an email from the Topic Review Facilitator with the date, time, topic, and RSVP Form each week.

Visit to sign up for the SLC Math/Stat Reviews site. By signing up on this link, you will be invited to join the bCourses project site where you can access the videos, notes, worksheets, or other resources that are released in conjunction with the SLC Math/Stat Topic Reviews. This is also a great way to receive up-to-date information about upcoming review sessions in your course. We update the bCourses invitations once every business day.

Falll 2024 Topic Review Course/Day/Time

Please see the summary of Topic Review Day/Time below. For more information about specific sessions and RSVP Forms see the google calendar below.

  • Math 1A: TBD
  • Math 1B: TBD
  • Math 16A: TBD
  • Math 54: TBD
  • Stat 134: TBD
  • Upper Division Math: TBD

Page last updated: 05/09/2024