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Program Description

The SLC Science Program supports undergraduates in their pursuit of scientific learning and knowledge at Cal. Our peer-led services are designed to meet students where they are and seek to strengthen their foundation for academic success.    

Program Philosophy

We believe that the ability to engage rigorously in scientific thinking is an essential ingredient for academic and lifelong success. Furthermore, we believe that, with appropriate tools, resources, guidance, and motivation, anyone can thrive in the sciences. To this end, we endeavor to provide Cal students with high-quality, culturally responsive, and equitable services to bolster their confidence and ability to master science coursework. Reflective of the SLC’s overarching mission and approach, we believe that students learning with students promotes community and mastery. We leverage our peer tutors' talents and commitment to service to serve and enrich the science learning communities at Cal and beyond.

Program Formats

We serve students through a variety of access points, from one-on-one consultations to small study groups and lecture-size exam reviews. Scroll below for additional information.

Drop-in Service

Drop-in service supports students in enhancing their understanding of course material through peer collaboration. Students hone their problem-solving skills by working with classmates and peer tutors on questions related to course lectures and texts, homework problems, sample exams, and labs. 

During the regular academic year, Drop-in support is available for the following courses:

✔ Biology 1A, 1AL

✔ Chemistry 1A, 1AL, 3A, 3AL, 3B, 3BL

✔ Physics 8A, 8B

We also offer limited services during Summer Sessions. Select the course-specific page from the menu on the right for more information.

How to Sign Up

No prior sign-up is required. Students are welcome to visit the Science Drop-in Area on the 2nd floor of the César Chávez Student Center during open hours. Select the course-specific page from the menu on the right for the Weekly Drop-in Schedule. When you arrive in the Drop-in Area, please sign in on the computer at the entrance and you will be directed to the subject table for your course.

Study Groups

Study groups provide an inclusive, welcoming, and problem-based learning environment for students enrolled in core science courses. Guided by a peer facilitator, students will review course concepts, collaborate with peers to solve practice problems, and engage in a reflective practice to enhance their understanding of the subject matter. Students will also develop effective learning strategies to bolster their experiences as science learners.

Study groups meet once a week for two hours throughout the semester, beginning the third week of instruction.

During the regular academic year, Study Groups are offered for the following courses:

✔ Chemistry 1A, 3A, 3B

How to Sign Up

To join a study group, students must sign up in advance at this link:

To ensure an intimate learning environment where all members can actively engage, each study group accommodates up to 25 students. Acceptance is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Select the course-specific page from the menu on the right to view study group offerings for the semester.

Exam Reviews

In the exam review service format, students enhance their problem-solving skills through guided concept review and peer collaboration. Peer facilitators review key course concepts and students collaborate in small groups to solve practice problems. After the session, students are encouraged to work through additional practice problems and review the solutions with peer tutors at Science Drop-in services.

Practice Exams are offered for the following courses:

✔ Chemistry 1A

✔ Chemistry 3A

✔ Chemistry 3B

How to Sign Up

Advanced registration is required for all exam review sessions. Acceptance is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is subject to seating availability.

For more information on exam reviews, select the course-specific page from the menu on the right.