Exam Reviews

Exam Reviews Science


Exam reviews are offered at critical points in the semester to support students in strengthening their problem-solving skills and mastery of the course material. Guided by peer facilitators who have successfully completed the course, students collaborate to solve practice problems and review key concepts. Exam reviews provide an opportunity for students to assess their knowledge and identify gaps in their understanding prior to a midterm or final. Students who attend exam reviews build camaraderie and support one another in strategizing for success. Exam reviews are offered for the following courses:

  • Biology 1A
  • Chemistry 1A
  • Chemistry 3A
  • Chemistry 3B
  • Molecular & Cell Biology 102
  • Physics 8A
  • Physics 8B


To view more information about session dates and times, please visit our live exam review schedule.

How to Sign Up

Exam review sessions are held via Zoom. Advanced registration is required. Acceptance is on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to meeting capacity. To RSVP for a session, please visit our live exam review schedule