General Resources

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General Resources for Academic Support

Athletic Study Center 
academic support and advising for student athletes 

College of Letters & Science Undergraduate Advising 
advising about academic program, enrichment opportunities, and campus policies 

Counseling and Psychological Services 
individual consultation, groups, workshops on academic, career, and gender issues

Disabled Students' Program 
services and acccommodations for students with disabilities 

Gender Equity Resource Center 
student academic achievement and personal development concerning gender issues

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Programs and Services

Women's Programs & Services (Sexual Harassment Advocacy / Peer Education)

Multicultural Student Development
academic support and courses, multicultural awareness, and community involvement

African American Student Development

Asian Pacific American Student Development

Chicano / Latino Student Development

Native American Student Development

Multicultural Community Center

Student Life Advising Services 
academic, personal, financial, and career guidance for all undergraduates

The Teaching Library at Moffit
workshops, handouts, one-on-one research assistance, and instruction tailored to your study group 

Transfer Student Center 
courses for credit, academic support, advising, resource referral, and mentoring

Facilities Services 
scanners, computers, Connecting @ Berkeley CD-ROM, etc.