Strategic Learning Program

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What We Do

The SLC Strategic Learning Program supports undergraduates at Cal in their quest to become more effective learners and to excel academically. Through academic coaching, workshops and seminars, we empower students with knowledge of the learning process, strategies, mindset and skills to actualize their academic aspirations and potential.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every student can achieve academic success as well as personal growth and fulfillment when equipped with the knowledge and skills to be a strategic learner. To this end, we support students to gain a deeper understanding of the learning process and greater awareness of themselves so that they can be strategic in designing and driving their own learning. We facilitate this outcome by building trusting relationships with students, guiding their exploration of learning sciences and strategies, and promoting reflective thinking through deep inquiry. Our ultimate goal is to empower students with the tools that will enable them to thrive as effective lifelong learners at Cal and beyond.

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