Formats of Service

Formats of Service Strategic Learning Program

Academic Coaching

SLP Academic Coaching is a highly collaborative, individualized service designed to support you in developing the habits, skills, strategies, and mindsets that will serve you as a learner at Cal and beyond. You and your coach will work in partnership to develop clear, achievable action plans and reflect on your progress to reach your academic and personal goals. 

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Our Areas Of Expertise

Academic Skills & Strategies

  • Academic Goal Setting
  • Exam Preparation & Test-Taking
  • Reading & Notetaking

Academic Wellness

  • Finding & Creating Community
  • Managing Academic Stress & Anxiety
  • Optimizing Your Mental & Physical Wellbeing
  • Understanding the Building Blocks of Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning

  • Locating Motivation
  • Memory & Concentration Strategies
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Planning & Prioritization
  • Time Management 

Navigating the Research University

  • Leveraging Office Hours
  • Locating Academic Resources 
  • Understanding the Academic Rigor & Expectations of Cal


Coming in Spring 2024!

Seminars offered by the Strategic Learning Program are intended to help students learn about the process of learning and understand how they learn best, given their own unique approach to learning. Although the specific focus may vary, seminars generally focus on study strategies, skills and practices, campus resources, and non-cognitive aspects of learning, such as the role of emotions, and how to cultivate resilience and a growth mindset. Students in seminars are also encouraged to sign up for sessions with a Strategic Learning Coach to receive guidance in putting into practice what they are learning in the seminar. Please check back here regularly for updates on current offerings.


Coming in Spring 2024!

Through Strategic Learning Program workshops, students learn specific study strategies and practices they can implement to help them achieve academic success at Cal. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to: time-management, effective reading and note-taking strategies, blue-printing and exam preparation. Please check back regularly for details on upcoming workshops or see our announcements page.