Study Hubs

Study Hub Title


Study hub provides a virtual space for students to connect with one another and collaborate to enhance their understanding of course material. In this space, students discuss course concepts, solve problems, and strengthen their ability to engage in effective group work. Held on a weekly basis, these sessions support students in committing to consistent content review and provide an opportunity to access weekly study group worksheets. 

For the Fall 2020 semester, study hubs are offered for the following courses: 

  • Chemistry 1A, 3A


Study hubs are held on a weekly basis at the times listed on the live schedule

How to Join Study Hub

Study hub is held via ZoomNo prior sign-up is required! To attend session, complete the following steps:

  1. For an optimal experience, ensure you are in a quiet location and connected to a reliable WiFi network.
  2. Download Desktop Client for Zoom and login via SSO (Activate Licensed Account through Calnet).
  3. Fill out the study hub sign-in form for your course, which you can access here. On the confirmation page, you will see a Zoom meeting link.
  4. Click the link to join the virtual study hub space. You will be greeted by a science program ambassador.
  5. The ambassador will then add you to a breakout room based on your chosen focus for the session.