Adjunct Courses

Adjunct Courses Math & Stats


Math 98/198 and Stat 98/198 are 1-unit courses taken in conjunction with one of the following lecture courses: Math 1AB, 10AB, 16AB, 32, 53, or 54, or Stat 134. The Adjunct courses explore key study and test-taking strategies, and problem solving techniques specific to the lecture they are linked to. We review the conceptual framework of the material covered in lecture and give you time to work on and learn from problems of varying difficulty in order to achieve mastery.

Tentative Fall 2021 Adjunct Courses

Click here for an overview of all of our Tentative Fall 2021 Adjunct Courses.

How to Sign Up:

If you are interested in enrolling in the Adjunct you must enroll or be on the waiting list of the lecture that the Adjunct course is supporting. Please check this page again in August 2021 for details on how to sign up.

In order to formally enroll in the adjunct, you must attend its first meeting or contact its instructor by the day of the first meeting.  The adjunct instructor will distribute the course number to all students who have shown commitment to the adjunct course by the end of the Adjustment Period.  This allows students to decide if the adjunct course is right for them before they fully commit to the course.  Please note that enrollment is limited, so students must attend the first meeting of the adjunct course or contact the instructor by the day of the first meeting of the adjunct course.

Adjunct Intake Form

Please fill out the following Intake Form after attending a day of adjunct: SLC Math/Stat Adjunct Intake Form

Note that filling out the intake form is NOT the same as signing up for or enrolling in an adjunct. Filling out the intake form is instead an assignment required for all of the adjunct courses.