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About the SLC

Core Purpose

SLC supports a global community of learners as they transition into the academic and cultural environment of UC Berkeley; facilitates students’ translation of the university’s way(s) of knowing, academic practices and structures; enlivens students’ understanding of the power and possibilities of their intellectual ideas; and encourages students to embrace and apply multiple epistemologies.

Creating A Dynamic Learning Community For Global Learners

The SLC...

  • Has served over 80,000 students since 1973. Today it is the primary academic support unit for UC Berkeley.
  • Serves over 8,500 undergraduates annually, approximately 40% of undergraduate student population.
  • Employs 18 Professional Staff with Disciplinary Expertise, 250-300 Trained Undergraduate Peer Tutors, and 20 Graduate Student Instructors.
  • Serves as the liaison between Berkeley administration and the DeCal program that adds over 300 additional courses to the university's curriculum.
  • Offers pedagogical support and training to Berkeley undergraduates interested in or currently facilitating DeCal courses or other student-initiated courses through the Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training and Resources Program.
  • Advises and mentors the Leadership of Campus Honor Societies
  • Manages Berkeley's Summer Bridge Program, a rigorous six-week academic residential program for entering freshmen.
  • Operates the SPEAR Middle School Scholar Academy, tailored to the academic and social development of middle school students, SPEAR offers an enriching learning experience and opportunities for scholars to develop self-efficacy, resourcefulness and problem solving strategies.