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Cal Day & Senior Day Weekend

Congratulations on your admission to UC Berkeley, the world's #1 public university! As you weigh your final decision about where you'll study for the next four years, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. Whether or not you are leaning toward Cal , we can't wait to offer you our heartfelt congratulations in person, and are excited for the opportunity to assist you in making the right choice. If you plan to be in town for Senior Day Weekend or CalDay, please connect with us.

You can find us at the following events and times:

Friday Resource Fair, April 15, 1-3PM, RSF Field House

Mingle with former Summer Bridge scholars and meet representatives of the Student Learning Center, the largest academic support unit at Cal. Discover a comprehensive network of academic resources available to Cal undergraduates.

CalDay Information Marketplace, 10AM-3PM, Sather Gate, Table #60

Chat with the Summer Bridge Team and find out why Bridge stands out as a giant among academic service giants at Cal. 

CalDay Summer Bridge Open House, 11:30AM-12:45PM, 113 Cesar Chavez

Hear from folks who have participated in Bridge to Make the Golden Bear Leap to Success and discover how you, too, can succeed and thrive at Cal.