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Exam Review

Exam Review

Econ exam reviews are designed in consultation with faculty, and are led by our most experienced tutors. We will practice key problems and go over major course concepts and formulas. Reviews will also cover past exam patterns and effective test-taking strategies. 

How to Sign Up

Advanced registration is required for all review sessions. Acceptance is first come, first serve, and is subject to seating availability. Review locations are announced via email a day in advance. 

Econ 1

Spring 2017 Schedule

Econ 100A

Spring 2017 Midterm Schedule

Friday 2/17 | 5-7PM | RSVP to receive location

Saturday 2/18 | 1-3PM | RSVP to receive location

Exam 1 review slides can be downloaded here.

Econ 100B

Spring 2017 Schedule

Econ 136

Spring 2017 Schedule

Friday 2/17 | 3-5PM | RSVP to receive location

Econ 140

Spring Schedule