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Meet the Spring 2017 Writing Tutors!

Our tutors share why they love writing and working with fellow scholars at the SLC.

Alexis Picard - Alumna, English, Asian American Studies Minor

I would like to see a writing culture that incorporates insightful and enthusiastic dialogue. As a tutor, I want to develop meaningful relationships with fellow peers, participate in our shared appreciation for writing, and confidently enhance our unique voices as writers.


Amanda Chang - 2nd Year, Molecular and Cell Biology

Writing has always been a passion of mine because it allows me to express myself and share my experiences with others. I hope to use this passion to empower other students to find and explore their own writing voices, which they can then use to provoke thought in themselves and in their communities.


Andrew Kim Henry - 4th Year, English

Writing can be intimidating; it still intimidates me. I have learned to push past that fear and engage with the writing process. It is an intimate and subjective process, from what one’s writing style to what one writes about. The storyteller in all of us can be cultivated and refined with a little bit of support. I hope to foster fellow writers’ skills as they explore their inner storyteller.


Annie Pinto - 4th Year, Anthropology & Conservation & Resource Studies

To me, writing is an expressive and emotional experience that allows me to connect with others, voice my opinion, and relieve stress. Through tutoring, I hope to foster a writing culture where everyone feels comfortable conveying themselves through the written word.


Claire Newfeld - 2nd Year, Philosophy

I hope to see a writing culture at Cal that is much less associated with stress and responsibility and more appreciated as a mechanism for communication of ideas. Writing, regardless of the length of the piece or the percentage of the course grade, should ideally not be daunting or scary. It is an opportunity for one’s voice to be heard.

Dana Abdelgadir - 3rd Year, Public Health

For me, engaging with writing as a process allows me to create finished and rewarding pieces that are uniquely mine. In experiencing and embracing the process of writing, we can all come to better understand and value ourselves as writers.

Hannah Berkman - 4th Year, Media Studies & Psychology
Each student has a unique voice that they can use to enliven, illuminate, and deepen intellectual discourse, from the university and beyond. I believe in a writing culture where the ideas we discuss inspire and provoke further thought, discussion, and action.


Isabella Garcia-Mendez - 2nd Year, Political Science & French, Creative Writing Minor

For me, the aspect of writing that matters most is the journey and not the destination.  When I am writing, i feel as if I am free to express myself and discover parts of myself that I didn't even know existed.  I hope to be able to help other writers find this avenue of freedom, growth, and discovery as a writing tutor for the SLC.


Jessica Calderon - 4th Year, English
I encourage my fellow writers to master writing conventions not just to get a good grade, but to discover their academic unique voice and ideas. The power of language can be realized via writing and I hope to facilitate this process of discovery for my peers!


Joe Ayers - 3rd Year, English, Theater & Performance Studies, Dance & Performance Studies

In my opinion, writing is an art, one that should be deeply respected because it has such great power and influence. I hope to inspire my peers to find their voices and empower themselves through their writing. My goal is for them to see writing not as a source of stress and anxiety, but rather as a source of validation and infinite possibility. If I had to sum up my philosophy about writing in a quote, it would be, "I don't write for you to love me. I write for you to feel me."


Julia Konstantinovsky - 3rd Year, Political Science, English and Public Policy Minor

Writing is a tool of self-discovery as well as empowerment. Writing creates the opportunity for agency, and, as a tutor, I hope to support other writers in embracing the apparent obstacles of the process in order to closer engage with their academic work, their powerful thoughts and ideas, and their life experiences.

Kailey Martinez-Ramage - 3rd Year, Economics
For me, writing is a powerful tool of expression and communication. As a tutor, I hope to support my peers in finding their voice and gaining confidence as academic writers.


Kelsey Liu - 4th Year, English & Integrative Biology

I believe writing and editing should happen in an environment suffused with open-mindedness, purpose, and love. I want people of every skill level to be comfortable sharing their insecurities about writing, to receive proper attention and support, and feel pride in the work they produce.


Laila Esfandiari - 3rd Year, Integrative Biology
While writing is often an anxiety-inducing task, I believe it is critical professional tool and a vital mode of self-expression. As a tutor, I hope to make writing not only accessible but also enjoyable to my peers.


Lauren Kelly - 3rd Year, History

Throughout my life, writing has been a fun and challenging form of communication that pushes my mental limits. As a tutor, I hope to encourage writers to feel comfortable, open, and enthusiastic about their individual progress in writing. I would like to help foster a supportive community of students who all enjoy this process of writing together.


Lilian Vasquez - 3rd Year, Social Welfare & Ethnic Studies
I hope to foster a writing culture where writers can freely express their ideas and engage in critical analysis. I envision a program where, by reflecting upon and revising their own work, writers feel empowered to develop meaningful and original scholarship.


Max Lopez - 4th Year, American Studies

Join me in generating dialogue and community around the practice of writing! Together we can learn about writing as both a craft and an art while we work to transform ourselves and the world around us in the service of justice.


Miranda Gonzales - 3rd Year, Nutritional Science, Chicano Studies Minor

For me, writing is a source of pride, a means to convey my ideas and thoughts with confidence. As a tutor my goal is to empower my peers through writing. I am always excited to learn from them about their areas of study, as well as their unique contributions to the world of knowledge.


Monica Yoo-jean Lee - 3rd Year, Integrative Biology

Growing up, writing has been a creative outlet where I could freely express my thoughts without fear of judgment or misunderstanding, What I hope to cultivate as a tutor at UC Berkeley is the courage for students to voice their own ideas without needing to follow a "correct model." I hope to achieve this through effective and stimulating conversations with the peers I meet on campus.


Morgan Robertson - 3rd Year, English

I am a writer who writes, everything from notes to journals to academic papers. Writing can be approached as an obstacle but also as a tool for self development. I, as well as the SLC, believe that we should walk and talk through the writing process together. I look forward to working with my peers on a one on one and making personal connections together as we learn.


Paula Gomez Villalba - 3rd Year, Integrative Biology

I view writing as a way of organizing and exploring my thoughts to create a road map that guides a reader through my mind. I believe in a writing culture rooted in conversation where ideas flow freely and challenging questions are welcomed.


Parker Kjellin-Elder - 4th Year, Economics & English

Writing is a platform that can clearly and effectively communicate the ideas that tumble around my mind. I am excited to work with fellow students as we help each other discover our own unique voices.


Qingyang Song - 3rd Year, Chemistry & History

For me, writing is the most active form of learning across the disciplines. I am excited to support and grow with my fellow writers as we deepen our understanding of texts, process our thoughts, and build compelling arguments through conversation and writing.


Sarah Palmer - 4th Year, Bioengineering and Asian American Studies

For me, writing is more than a method of communication, it is also a means of discovering and developing one’s thoughts. I look forward to expanding my writing experiences and repertoire while helping others form their own strong, confident voices.


Skyler Marshall - 3rd Year, English, Celtic Studies Minor

I always tell my peers that I am a reader, not a writer, but there are nuances to this statement. As a bibliophile, I adore the physical aspect of reading books – the binding, the smell, the typeface; this also applies to writing – the paper, the pen, the laptop’s keys. Reading, writing, and tutoring itself engages all of your senses in a way that is extraordinary. When I am tutoring, I have the opportunity to connect with another human being to discuss big ideas that are shaping the world in which we live.


Taylor Chan - 3rd Year, English, Ethnic Studies Minor
While writing can be frustrating and intimidating for many (myself included), it can also be an outlet for transformation, self-expression, and creativity. I strive to work with student writers to discover and develop their own voices, while learning and bettering myself in turn!


Tianyi Dong - 3rd Year, History & Economics
The process of asking questions, challenging presumptions, and crystallizing one’s thoughts on paper allows us to see a whole new world. Writing is the most rewarding part of the learning process for me, and I hope to make it the same for you!


Tracy Soon - 4th year, Computer Science

For me, writing has been a way to exercise my agency as a thinker. As someone who fell in love with writing rather late, I hope to help fellow student writers discover the joy of writing and appreciate it early in their academic careers.


Yisheng Tang - 2nd Year, Comparative Literature & English

Writing is the most wonderful task, through which the writer creates thousands of worlds, letting the readers visit, edifying them and contributing to the world. Thus, I enjoy the tutoring experience in SLC, which is an equal and mutual one. It is my great fortune to get access to those precious arguments from other great writers, learn from them, and possibly help them achieve more.