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For Students Experiencing Academic Difficulty



Academic Success and Strategic Learning Resources

Cal places great demands on students not only academically, but also in a variety of other ways. We, along with our partners in the colleges and schools, as well as SLAS, DSP, and CPS, can help you to identify the reasons for your difficulties and overcome them. Students who are on Academic Probation or who simply are not achieving up to their expectations can use the following resources to achieve success.

Strategic Learning Coaching/Study Strategies Consultations

Interested in mapping a plan for success?  Experiencing academic difficulty has it's "silver linings."  During this important time of transformation, Cal students have the opportunity to build a network of academic resources, create goals, reassess learning strategies, and build healthy academic pracitices.  Work with an academic coach to explore effective learning strategies for your courses.  Understand your learning processes and build powerful learning practices at Cal.  Contact Alex de Guia (