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Become a Science Tutor

The Fall 2016 SLC Science Tutoring Staff


Become an SLC Science Tutor:
Fall 2017

General Information

The SLC Science program accepts new tutors for pay, and through its tutor field study program, which can be taken for credit or audited. Applicants wishing to be paid tutors or study group leaders will need to have had significant prior tutoring/teaching experience which will have included a significant training component.

Updates for applicants:

Science Tutor and Study Group Leader Positions 

The SLC typically has tutor and/or study group leader positions available in the areas of Biology, Organic and General Chemistry, Nutritional Science, and Physics. The actual positions available may vary each semester based on need.

Find out what positions are open for Fall 2017

What's involved in being a new SLC Science tutor?

All new tutors will be required to attend a weekly tutor training seminar in addition to tutoring students. New tutors will also receive other support from the SLC to assist them in their tutoring.

Learn more about being a new SLC Science tutor

Applying to be a Science Tutor 

Download the Application to be an SLC Science Tutor.

After completing the application, either email it as an attachment to Richard Gibson at or turn it in to Richard Gibson's office at 121 Chávez Student Center. In either case, the recommendation letter can be submitted separately, so please do not wait on it to turn in the rest of your application. Again, the sooner your application is submitted, the better.