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What We Do

The SLC Writing Program works under the assumption that all writers, regardless of their experience and abilities, benefit from informed, individualized, and personal feedback on their writing.  Our professional educators and trained peer tutors work with writers engaged in any stage of the writing process - from brainstorming paper topics, to formulating and organizing arguments, to developing editing skills. Tutors are trained to work with non-native speakers of English and with writers from a variety of disciplines.

Formats of Service

The Writing Program offers support in a number of formats, including Drop-In and By-Appointment tutoring for students taking R1B-level courses and above, Individual Weekly Tutoring for students enrolled in College Writing R1A and other Reading and Composition (R&C) courses, Workshop 98 sections for selected R&C and English courses, Special Topics Workshops, and an on-line selection of handouts and resources that writers may find useful.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-In Tutoring is most ideal for writers who have already fulfilled the first half of their Reading and Composition requirement, and are working on an academic assignment for any course. Drop-in sessions are thirty minutes long, and tutors can assist with any stage of the writing process. The Drop-in format gives students maximum flexibility, but may involve a wait during busy periods.

How to Sign Up

No prior scheduling is required.  Simply come by the Drop-in Writing table in the Atrium of the Chavez Student Center during posted hours.  Drop-in begins the third week of classes.

By-Appointment Tutoring

Individual appointments with a Writing tutor may be scheduled in advance by students who have fulfilled the first half of the Reading & Composition requirement and are working on an academic assignment for any course. By-Appointment sessions are 50 minutes in length, and tutors can assist with any stage of the writing process. The By-Appointment format requires advance scheduling, but ensures a reserved 50-minute session with a tutor.

Limited service begins Wednesday Jan. 28th and full services will begin third week (Feb. 2nd).

How to Sign Up

Make an appointment

Semester-Long Tutoring (Formerly Individual Tutoring)

This format pairs a student writer with the same tutor for weekly meetings throughout the semester. Semester-long Tutoring is ideal for all students taking R&C-A courses.

How to Sign-Up

Submit a Semester-Long Tutoring Request Form and attend a required SLT Orientation Session. Once you've submitted the form, we will send you a list of orientation dates & times.

English 98: Other Voices

This 2unit, P/NP course supports the efforts of students who are considering or entering literary studies. Explore the diversity of voices in literature and other media through guest lectures and small discussion sections. In the process, develop and express your own writing voice, find out more about the experiences of your classmates, and get to know the research of various professors on campus.

How to Sign-Up

Other Voices will return AY 2015-2016. 

R&C Writing Workshops

Each semester we offer 1-unit P/NP adjunct Writing Workshop 98 sections along with Reading & Composition courses. Facilitated by experienced tutors, the Writing Workshop provides the opportunity to explore ideas, discuss readings and paper topics, try out essay-writing strategies and review drafts of papers.

How to Sign-Up

This Spring 2015, we are offering two workshops:

R&C A Writing Workshop || Tuesdays, 3:30-5PM, 160 Chavez

R&C B Writing Workshop || Fridays, 12:30-2PM, 151 Chavez

Any students currently enrolled in an R&C course are eligible to take the workshop. For information on how to sign up, please contact the Writing Coordinator at

Special Topics Workshops

Each semester we offer a variety of Workshops on topics of special interest.  Some of our most popular include our College Writing R1A Portfolio Workshops, and the Academics at Cal Workshop Series for International Students.

Check back soon for announcements of Spring 2015 Workshops!

Summer Sessions Writing Services

During Summer Sessions, the SLC Writing Program offers both By-Appointment and Individual Writing Tutoring Services. To sign up, visit our Summer Sessions Writing Services page.