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Language Exchange Program

LEP Summer 2019 Flyer

About LEP

The Language Exchange Program provides a free, flexible, and fun-filled way for Cal students, international and domestic alike, to meet and share their language skills. We emphasize mutual exchange by all participants, so you will have the opportunity to learn and to teach a language. You will be grouped and/or paired with a proficient speaker of the language you are interested in practicing. Through our program, you will be able to refine not only your multilingual skills but also your ability to communicate effectively across cultures. Best of all, by participating in the Language Exchange Program, you become a member of the Student Learning Center -- an inclusive, robust global learning community of over 20 professional educators, 300 student staff, and 7000 Cal undergraduates.

LEP will resume on June 24th for Summer 2019.

How to Sign Up

All new and returning participants must attend one orientation this semester.

Fill out an Intake Form if you would like to be part of a pair/trio!


Summer 2019

All new and returning participants must attend one orientation per semester.

Week of 6/24-6/28

Wednesday, 6/26, 1-2PM || TBA Chavez || RSVP

Friday, 6/28, 12-1PM || TBA Chavez || RSVP

Orientations will be offered on a rolling basis throughout the summer. The schedule is updated every Friday at 5PM.

Info Sessions

We recommend new participants to attend an info session. Learn more about the program and how you can contribute to our vibrant community!

Info Sessions will return in Fall 2019.

Connect With Us

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