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Meet the Fall 2018 Writing Tutors!

Our tutors share why they love writing and working with fellow scholars at the SLC.

Alison Oses - 4th Year, English 
I hope to create a writing culture where diverse thoughts are welcomed and heard. As someone who understands the difficult process of writing, I hope to  support my peers with advice and patience. In practicing the writing process, I hope to grow alongside my peers as we learn from each other’s thoughts and experiences 

Amanda Chang - 4th Year, Molecular and Cell Biology
Writing has always been a passion of mine because it allows me to express myself and share my experiences with others. I hope to use this passion to empower other students to find and explore their own writing voices, which they can then use to provoke thought in themselves and in their communities.

Andres Irigoyen - 4th Year, English
Through writing, I have found profound psychological and intellectual liberation. Organizing the chaos in our minds into logically coherent ink on a page can be a daunting challenge, but I aspire to create a writing culture that inspires my peers to appreciate this introspective and enlightening process. With the current ideological and political climate, it has never been more important to embrace this challenge in a collective effort toward intellectual clarity and social harmony.

Anthony So - 4th Year, English
Writing, for me, has been the medium where controversial ideas can be better understood and challenged. I wish to foster a culture where writers can come into conversation with uncomfortable topics, while still feeling comfortable challenging them, so that together we can create new and revolutionary ways of thinking.

Caitlyn Jordan - 3rd Year, English
At its core, writing is an exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives. As a tutor, I want to learn new things from each writer and, in exchange, support them as they discover themselves through writing.

Claire Newfeld - 4th Year, Philosophy
I hope to see a writing culture at Cal that is much less associated with stress and responsibility and more appreciated as a mechanism for communication of ideas. Writing, regardless of the length of the piece or the percentage of the course grade, should ideally not be daunting or scary. It is an opportunity for one’s voice to be heard.

Dorrin Akbari - 4th Year, Legal Studies
Every act of writing, regardless of its genre, is an attempt at telling a story, and no story would be whole without narration—the writer’s voice. Finding one’s voice as a writer is what distinguishes those who write for the sake of writing from those who write to be heard. I’d like to contribute to a writing culture that encourages writers to write in a manner that makes people want to listen.

Emily McKinney - 3rd Year, French & Near Eastern Studies
Writing is an exceptional tool to process thoughts and knowledge to ultimately create something unique. It is a fundamental part of learning and growing. Therefore, my goal as a tutor is to support writers in expressing themselves and for them to feel empowered in their work in this challenging academic environment.

Emma Hager - Alumna, English
I think a lot about what words can be and do, especially now, when they seem to carry more weight than ever. Writing is not only a profound joy to read, but an indispensable tool with which we may better understand our existences in the world. It is this conviction that I hope to share with my peers and fellow writers. When we consider writing as both an art and a right, we are better for it; there’s so much necessary empathy we can convey through words.

Fátima Casas - 2nd Year, Ethnic Studies & Political Science
Everyone has stories worth writing. As I write, the ink dances on my blank canvas, creating a masterpiece of my unheard narrative: my struggles, passions, and dreams. I dream of empowering conscious scholars to use their pens to fight against a system that enchains our voices; for only through reclaiming our words can we find our true selves.

Laura Atukunda - 4th Year, Public Health 
Every time I write, I discover something new. Writing helps me delve deeper into topics I am passionate about and explore different perspectives. I would like to contribute to a writing culture that empowers individuals to learn more about themselves and discover the world around them.

Mahira Dayal - 3rd Year, Economics & Media Studies, Journalism Minor
I’ve always been passionate about storytelling. I enjoy writing because it gives me a medium to organize and articulate my thoughts and create a coherent voice to represent my ideas. I hope to promote a writing culture where students are not afraid to discover their own voice, be creative, share opinions, and, in the process, learn more about themselves.

Marc Vasquez - 4th Year, English 
As an endless process of inquiry, experimentation, and (self) discovery, writing facilitates critical conversations on a wide spectrum of topics. As a writing tutor, I hope to empower my peers to own and appreciate this dynamic process. I envision an inclusive writing culture that validates diverse perspectives, relishes intellectual exchange, and allows writers of all backgrounds to strengthen their voice.

Mercedes Tseng - 4th Year, Chinese & Interdisciplinary Studies Field, Applied Linguistics Minor
Through writing, doors to academia and employment are opened, but more importantly, opportunities for self-discovery and the ability to share your voice become unlocked. As a tutor with the SLC, I strive to support others to unlock not only the doors to their academic pursuits, but also in discovering the keys to their own voices.

Monica Gizelle Martinez - Alumna, English, Creative Writing Minor
Writing is a liberating power, whether it be academic or a mode of creative expression. In any form, writing is the best way to discover yourself and what really matters to you. As someone who has made this journey throughout my life by allowing myself to be myself in writing, I hope to help my fellow writers flourish with this outlet as we grow and learn together.

Sannidhi Shulka - 4th Year, Comparative Literature
Writing has always been one of the most powerful tools of honesty, clarity, and catharsis for me. I would like to see a writing culture at Cal that nurtures all of these qualities without deemphasizing the fact that writing is also a powerful tool for critical dialogue.

Sofia Dirzo - 4th Year, Political Science
To me, writing is a never-ending thinking process where we’re creating thoughts and reconstructing them with new knowledge and ideas. Every piece of writing demonstrates the individual, their voice, and their perceptions of the world.

Sonnet Phelps - 3rd Year, Linguistics, Political Economy Minor
The exercise of writing requires me to wrestle with my topic until I reach a deeper level of understanding, and then it becomes so empowering to express that learning in my own voice! I think everyone deserves to feel proud, excited, and satisfied when they engage in this most crucial form of communication, and I look forward to developing as a writer myself while I support my peers in this process.

Tommy Emick - 4th Year, English & Political Science
I hope to foster a writing culture at Cal that emphasizes and respects the sincere and thoughtful exchange of perspectives through the refined mode of written language. As a tutor, I want to support my peers in cultivating their voice for personal, professional, and political use. 

Victor Jeong - 3rd Year, English
Fascinatingly, writing is infinitely malleable as an expressive form, weaving and settling itself into the authentic core of the writer. I hope to support my fellow writers discover the emphatic potential of writing, to realize that they too can break the constricting silence and engage with the difficult and important quandaries of our world. Writing not only allows us to explore the complexity of ourselves, but also everything around us.