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Meet our Spring 2017 Economics Tutors!

Our tutors share why they love working with fellow students at the SLC.

Name: Asha S.Bharadwaj || Hometown: New Delhi, India || Major: Economics and Applied Math || Year: Senior || Interests: Reading, travelling and sampling new desserts! || Specialty: Macroeconomics, International Monetary Economics, Econometrics

Hello! My name is Asha and I am a senior majoring in Economics and Applied Math. I am really excited to be a part of the tutoring team this semester and I am going to be tutoring Econ 100B and Econ 140. I firmly believe that peer pedagogy is a great way to learn and understand a topic better, and as a tutor, I get a chance to see this idea in motion. I also really enjoy helping my peers by bridging gaps in their understanding of econ concepts and helping them develop an intuition for the subject. When not studying or tutoring, I enjoy reading books, watching movies and travelling.  

Name: Aoyi Shan || Hometown: Tianjin, China || Major: Business Administration and Statistics || Year: Senior || Interests: Cooking, Yoga, Hiking || Specialty: Microeconomics

Hi everyone! My name is Aoyi, and I am a senior double majoring in Business and Statistics. It is my fourth semester tutoring at SLC and I mainly work on Econ 100A. During our tutoring sessions, I get the chance to meet so many aspiring and dedicated students and I am so glad to help them with their Econ classes. I think peer tutoring is more about building a relationship; therefore, along with getting a better understanding of the material, I enjoy making new friends and seeing familiar faces in our Econ corner every day. I like to take classes in different departments because I think every bit of knowledge adds up and can make a difference. Currently, I plan to go into public accounting after I graduate, but I am also very interested in data science.

Name: Celestin Hermez || Hometown: Parirs, France || Major: Economics || Year: Senior || Interests: Soccer, cooking and TV shows || Specialty: Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics

Hi everyone! My name is Celestin, currently a senior studying Economics. I came last Fall as a junior transfer straight from France, so I know what it’s like to be confused and scared about Berkeley’s high expectations. In my free time I watch a lot of TV shows, bake desserts or play soccer with friends. I have a broad background in the social sciences – economics, political science, sociology and psychology. I also have the chance to possess a basic knowledge of neurology and chemistry. That is the reason for my passion for behavioral economics, this emerging field which is striving to combine insights from different fields in order to create a more descriptive theoretical and experimental framework! I am taking Econ 119 right now, a class I absolutely recommend. I have been tutoring for 4 years now, subjects as different as high school physics and European history! I absolutely love it. When I graduate, I will be working in San Francisco in advertising. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Name:Chen Meng || Hometown: Shanghai, China || Major: Economics and Computer Science || Year: Junior || Interests: Gym, Movies, hiking || Specialty: Financial Economics and Microeconomics

Hi, guys! My name is Chen. I really enjoy this tutoring experience so far because I get to meet so many people in Economics major and get to help them in their studies. Surprisingly, I actually learn a lot during the process along with them, in both the course materials and tutoring skills. I am interested in the finance side of economics and want to do equity research or quant model buildings after graduation. Right now I am doing a URAP research under Haas on data mining and analysis. If you are interested in any of these fields, please drop by SLC Econ program and we can talk about them!

Name: Emmanuel Lee || Hometown: Singapore || Major: Economics and Business Administration || Year: Junior || Interests: Sports, video games || Specialty: Econometrics, Microeconomics

Hi there! I'm Emmanuel and I'm currently a junior studying Economics and Business. I was born in Singapore, but have lived in the Bay for awhile. My interest in Economics started from reading the news at a young age and was only cultivated by my time in school and college. I like playing soccer and sports in general and also like to spend my free time playing video games. I hope to share my passion for Economics with you all through collaborative learning!

Name: Hemaxi Desai || Hometown: Moorpark, CA || Major: Integrative Biology || Year: Senior || Interests: Traveling, soccer, food || Specialty: Intro to Economics, Microeconomics

Hi, my name is Hemaxi and I am a fourth-year major in Integrative Biology. During my college career, I have been actively involved in global health advocacy to improve the quality of healthcare for underserved populations. I have been able to combine my experiences with my love of traveling, and hope to one day travel to each continent. Given my deep interest in Economics, I am glad to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge through both teaching and learning from other students. I look forward to working with each of you to gain new perspectives and approaches to the subject!

Name: Shraddha Gupta || Hometown: Mumbai, India || Major: Economics & Legal Studies || Year: Senior ||  Interests: Tennis, Badminton, Gastronomy, Bollywood movies and Traveling  || Specialty: Microeconomics & Financial Economics

Hello everybody! My name is Shraddha, I am a graduating senior here at Cal, double majoring in economics and legal studies. I grew up in Mumbai as a child, and later moved to several countries around the globe. I’ve lived in the UK, Tunisia, Trinidad & Tobago, and Turkey. I am grateful for the opportunity of growing up in such a diverse background and having met so many people of different cultures for these experiences have shaped my understanding of the world at large and made me who I am today. After graduating, I am planning on joining law school and hope to practice law in the US one day. I joined the SLC because I love economics, and wanted to share my expertise with the rest of the Berkeley community. Seeing someone struggle and helping them out with their weaknesses and later seeing them become more confident and happy about their work and understanding makes me happy. Since I am mostly doing legal studies classes, tutoring allows me to reconnect with economics and learn new things. I have also gotten the chance to meet new students who share my passion for economics, as well as make new friends and learn how to tutor, communicate, lead, and better manage time.


Name: Sunny Yao || Hometown: Shanghai, China || Major: Economics, pre-business || Year: Sophomore ||  Interests: sleeping & singing || Specialty: Macroeconomics, Introductory Economics

My name is Sunny Yao, a sophomore studying economics and business. I'm from Shanghai, China and went to New York for high school, and two international cities trigger my thoughts on international economy. I love to interact with students, warn them about the professor's exams and teach them the tools that I obtained from my experience. I am really glad to join this team and I hope my knowledge and experience can somehow expand your perspectives on economics, so come and find me!

Name: Tomas Villena || Hometown: Santiago, Chile || Major: Economics and Applied Mathematics || Year: Junior || Interests: Running, traveling, soccer, reading || Specialty: Introductory Economics, Macroeconomics

Hi, my name is Tomas and I am a double major in Economics and Applied Mathematics, and a double minor in philosophy and public policy. After growing up in the UK and Chile, I came to Berkeley as an international student. My passion for tutoring started after working with an debate tournament organization which teaches critical thinking and soft skills to high-schoolers in Chile. I hope to continue graduate study in Economics and in particular to research inequalities in education as well as topics in empirical industrial organization. I believe that understanding Economic concepts and techniques opens up a whole world of opportunities for thinking and doing amazing things, including changing the world. So, I look forward to helping new students in their journey to economic enlightenment!