Come Discover Yourself and Connect: Join the SLC Zen Den!

December 10, 2020

Dear Cal Community,

In these stressful, fast-paced and chaotic days leading up to the beginning of Finals, it is imperative to take a moment to just slow down, pause, breathe, and just be. The SLC Zen Den is encouraging you to prioritize yourself for at least 30 minutes with us during one of our Zen Den conversation and meditation sessions. Topics we plan to discuss and meditate on with you are Managing Stress and Anxiety, Improving Focus and Clarity, and Empowering Positive Inner Change. Our meditation program is Fri. 12/11, Mon. 12/14, Tues. 12/15, and Wed. 12/16 anytime from 12-12:30pm, 12:30-1pm, or 1-1:30pm

What you can expect from each session is a 10-minute grounding conversation to allow you to connect with others, followed by a 10-minute guided meditation exercise to connect with yourself, and ending with a 10-minute reflection to open yourself up to possibilities and grow. 

We are hoping to provide you with an opportunity and space to authentically connect with yourself and others in a positive, motivating, and stress-relieving environment.

No special equipment is needed and no experience required. Curious? Good! Click here to join.

See you soon!

Yours in Love and Wellness,

SLC Zen Den