Connect With Wellness: LEP's Guide To Spring Break

March 22, 2021

We hope your Spring Break is off to a great start! As you enjoy much-needed time off from classes, we encourage you to prioritize connecting with your wellness this week. To support you with this, here are some of our top science-backed practices for staying well:

  • Connect With Community:Research has shown that strong social ties are not just important for mental and emotional wellbeing. Staying social can also have benefits to our physical health. This week, you can stay in touch with fellow language enthusiasts through our ongoing services! Check out our schedules to see all the ways you can engage during the break. We’ll even be hosting our first ever LEP Movie Party this Thursday at 7PM PT so stay tuned for more information coming soon!

  • Connect With Creativity: Whether it’s painting, crafting, writing or anything else, exercising creativity is proven to improve wellbeing. A great way to get creative is through our New Suns Short Fiction Contest! Tap into the power of your imagination to envision better worlds and brighter futures. For extra inspiration this week, keep an eye on our Facebook page as we share articles and resources to get your creative juices going!

  • Connect With Nature: With the springtime sun making an appearance, we highly recommend taking time to get out and about in your area! Getting in touch with nature is scientifically proven to boost your mood, reduce stress, and even enhance your ability to connect with others. You can take a meditative awe-walk on your own or bring along your phone to show off your neighborhood to your LEP partners and friends!