Partner with the SLC this RRR Week by Attending a Review Session!

May 2, 2022

Happy RRR week, Golden Bears! The Student Learning Center invites you to partner with us in your studies by attending our RRR week review sessions. Check out our offerings for Economics, Math/Stat & Science below! The full list of review sessions can also be found at

Flyer for Spring 2022 RRR Week Services Group of three students smiling and working together, with a title that reads "RRR Review Sessions"

Flyer for Econ Review Sessions in Spring 2022. See in caption to see the content of flyer.

Flyer for Spring 2022 Math/Stat Review Sessions. See the link for the content of the flyer

Spring 2022 Science Review Session Flyer. See the link in caption for more information about the Science Reviews.