[UCFTR Newsletter] What's Next after DeCal Proposal Submission?

July 17, 2023

 July 2023"

July 18, 2023

Greetings DeCal facilitators,

If you can believe it, we have just one more month until the Fall semester and the start of your DeCal facilitation!

At this juncture, many of you may have submitted your DeCal proposals to the Academic Senate and are waiting to hear back about the status of your courses. 

To support you in the next steps, we wanted to share some insight about what you can anticipate moving forward and how you can best prepare for launching your DeCal classes. Please see below for more information. 

Wishing you all the best with the next part of your facilitator journeys!

Post-DeCal Proposal Submission FAQs

What’s next after I submit my materials to the Academic Senate?

The Academic Senate will review your proposal between mid-July to mid-August. They will only reach out to you if they have any questions or suggestions for edits. If you do not hear back from the Senate by mid-August, you can assume that your course is approved. 

I missed the Academic Senate’s Course Proposal Deadline on July 11th! Is it possible to send in a late submission?

According to the Course Proposal Form, you may submit your proposal materials to the Senate after the CPF deadline, as long as you have departmental approval and include a letter from the department chair or dean. Read more about late submission policies on page 3 of the CPF

How do I confirm the date, time, and classroom for my course? 

Your department sponsor will support you in scheduling your course and securing a classroom. Each department has a procedure for course and room scheduling, so we recommend reaching out to your sponsor if you are unsure about the process. 

How can I publicize my course? 

The primary way to publicize your course is by submitting your course to the DeCal Website Course Catalog, which is a popular and widely used tool for students to find DeCal courses. The website will open for Fall 2023 submission in mid-August, and we encourage you to review the “Submitting Your Course to the DeCal Website” Guide to learn how to list your course on the Catalog.

In addition to the DeCal Website Course Catalog, we recommend inquiring with your department about publicity opportunities through departmental bulletin boards and newsletters, as well as requesting that they list your course on the Academic Guide. You may also consider publicizing through social media or by flyering in-person at the beginning of the Fall semester. 

How can I create a bCourses site for my DeCal?

Your faculty sponsor can support you in setting up your bCourses site. To learn more about how to do so, please read this handout and share it with your faculty sponsor.